Who We Are

Outcome Consultants was formed in 2011 to provide engineering, construction, and project management services for the environmental and mining sectors. Experienced and capable, our team manages and completes all aspects of a project life-cycle: from investigation and feasibility to design, regulatory approvals, construction, and operations. Outcome provides innovative and actionable design solutions, detailed cost and schedule planning, and project controls expertise. We are passionate about making sure our clients achieve their project outcomes with certainty and confidence.

Why Outcome Consultants

The environmental and mining construction sectors are plagued by cost and schedule overruns. This stems from an inability to satisfy regulatory or stakeholder concerns, inadequate definition prior to construction, or poor-quality outputs that require extensive rework. Outcome Consultants is the solution to these problems. We create certainty by effectively managing the regulatory process, by making sure designs are biddable and buildable, by preparing detailed execution plans that fully integrate scope, schedule and budget, and by effectively controlling the project during construction. Our dependable team ensures Owners and Contractors succeed in doing the project right the first time, and that it is completed within the target budget and schedule established at the outset. Do you need a trusted partner that will work tirelessly to make sure your project succeeds? If so, we would love to talk to you.


In 2018, Outcome partnered with Rowe’s Construction Ltd. of Hay River, NT and Formula Contractors of Prince George, BC to establish FORWARD Mining LP which is a majority owned Aboriginal company that provides construction services to the mining sector. For more details, see forwardmining.ca

Achieve your project outcomes with certainty and confidence.