Outcome Consultants

Creating Certainty

Outcome Consultants provides engineering, construction, and project management services in the environmental and mining sectors. Our risk management expertise and proven experience in successfully completing complex projects ensures our clients achieve their project outcomes with certainty and confidence.

Jericho Diamond Mine Site Stabilization

Construction Services

Outcome provides a broad range of construction services that help both Owners and Contractors achieve success at each stage of a project. From planning to close-out, we ensure construction projects are completed on time and on budget.

Engineering Services

Outcome specializes in environmental engineering and design assignments at the pre-construction phase. Our actionable solutions translate to high quality design outputs that are biddable and buildable. 

Resolute Bay Landfill Remediation Project

Giant Mine Project Execution Plan

Project Management

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Our expertise in detailed cost and schedule planning and project controls ensures projects are done right the first time.

Achieve your project outcomes with certainty and confidence.