Engineering Services

We specialize in environmental engineering and offer civil and geotechnical services for remediation and mining projects.

We carry out all necessary environmental site assessment, geotechnical investigations, geomatics, environmental impact assessments, and related services as part of the definition phase leading up to the preparation of the final design plans and specifications. Our vast experience in northern, remote projects and our involvement in the remediation construction sector makes us innovative problem solvers and highly effective integrators. Our design services always lead to outputs that are biddable and buildable because we complete a constructability review for each design iteration along with a construction cost estimate, activity-level schedule, and risk register. Integrating the engineering progressive elaboration with the cost and schedule planning ensures that every last scope detail is defined prior to construction. Following construction, we carry out commissioning and hand-over services and for environmental remediation projects, we carry out adaptation and long-term monitoring programs to confirm remediation effectiveness.

Resolute Bay Landfill Remediation Project

The Resolute Bay Airport Landfill, located at a remote community on Cornwallis Island in Nunavut, was developed by the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1949. Three separate landfills were present on site from past military and community activities.

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